Monday, December 12, 2011

How Facebook Messenger blew up my iPhone

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota

Wow oh wow oh wow.

Ha! Unreal. The article itself was only mildly interesting, but, that line "an old communication landscape like email" wins the latest prize for "IT tech savvy guy being way out of touch with Joe Average".

I realize, that in terms of the latest greatest web tech, email is now conventional and to some degree, old school. But in the world of Mr. & Ms. Average who have businesses to run in the real world email is not only the most modern practical communications methods, its integrated into the business world to such a great degree that its not going to change any time soon.

Sorry about that to the tech savvy who ride every new wave of tech like its the only proper way of doing things, but thats just the way it is. Its not like I made up the rule or something, its just the reality of the real world that far far too many writers here just cannot get their heads around.

We really need to have some sort of set of truths that exist in the non-tech savvy real world where most humans live so that writers here can get their head around whats really going on in the world and whats actually important to the "outside" world and the humans in it. While everything of course is on some kind of a bell curve continuum, and obviously doesn't apply like some kind of rigorous doctrine, there are certain general truths about the average man on the street that causes them to think and act, on the average, in a significantly different way then tech savvy people, most particularly those tech savvy people who work and live in the high tech world, and even more so in relation to many of the writers here who honestly have to know and live by the latest and greatest tech if they want to stay relevant in their own field.

Such as:
1. People don't understand the significance of "updating". They now seem to understand a little better then past years the computers operating system has to be updated to stay secure, but they still don't put it all together in their mind that most software has to be updated, web browsers, flash players, all kinds of things, they just haven't had it sink in yet.

2. People generally, often only have the most rudimentary understanding what an operating system is. That, in all its endless degrees of understanding leads to all kinds of interesting conundrums.

3. Most people do not follow to ANY degree about advantages/disadvantages of various bits of hardware, software and tech. They go to a store, some guy there gives his spin and they go with that, along with whatever their best friend/uncle/ significant other/ parent/school chum or co-worker told them.

4. Most average people simply don't care, at all about many of the technical details about why one bit of hardware is better or worse then another. And certainly, no where near the degree that most writers around here rightly do, for writers here, its their business, for those in the real world its a niggling detail they could care less about.

5. In the real world, where people don't sit around and argue nit picking details about what makes one platform marginally better in some area than another, they don't have the kinds and numbers of problems people who post here claim they do. Piles of people who post responses to articles here are simple outright liars in order to justify their choice of software and/or hardware. Its not needed. For example, I know people who use Macs and people who use Windows. Both are happy and neither have any significant or major problems. Both are happy and people who dwell here and claim horrible ghastly flaws in either platform are clearly liars because for one, they should have enough knowledge to know better, and secondly, those who live in the real world do not have those problems. If I see one more liar post a response to an article on ZDNet where they talk about how they have to spend all their weekends cleaning all the viruses out of their friends and families Windows computers I will vomit. Any tech expert who has to spend any time doing that would be the last person on earth I would ever hire to do any IT work for me. In the outside world people generally know how so simply secure their computers and only the true idiots, or really unlucky run into trouble.

There are endless truths that exist in the real world, as opposed to the world of so called experts. And far far to often I see articles and even more so in response posts, nonsense based entirely on an "experts" view that will never pan out in the real world.

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