Thursday, December 15, 2011

LinkedIn shares top $90 at IPO, doubling their offering price

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Summary: LinkedIn’s IPO tops $90 a share, more than doubling the evaluation when trading began today at 10AM EST on the New York Stock Exchange.

One of the most talked about companies in social media as of late has finally done it. LinkedIn (LNKD) started trading on the NYSE this morning at 10AM EST at over $90 per share. After a couple hours they’ve settled into the $80’s range.

LinkedIn has been the ultimate source for business professionals for years now. With several enhancements to user experience, that in some cases are Facebook-like, they’ve made lots of changes to accommodate businesses and recruiters, opened up their API for third-parties, and have grown considerably year over year. There’s no stopping them now from becoming the “Facebook for professionals.”

Fellow ZDNet writer Larry Dignan spills more of the details here and speculates on a possible stage to be set for more social media/internet IPO’s to come.

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